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Thursday, April 01, 2004

I'm not going to patronize you with any silly April Fools jokes. So let's just cut to the chase.
Monday night on the Late Show, Dave introduced a new clip called "George W. Bush Invigorating America's Youth." Shrub was giving a speech somewhere, and behind him was standing a 14 yr old who was completely bored. The kid was yawning, checking his watch, doubling over in pain, cracking his neck, and yawning some more. Very funny. On Tuesday, CNN picked up on the Letterman clip, showed it, but then reported that the White House said that the kid had been edited into the video. Later in the day, CNN changed their story and said that the White House now said the kid was at the speech, but the kid wasn't where Letterman said he was.
On Tuesday night's show, Letterman shows the CNN clips, and says that it's an out-and-out lie from the White House that the kid wasn't there or wasn't standing where they said he was. Here is the clip from Tuesday night's show with the CNN clips and Dave calling the White House a bunch of liars. Later in the show, Dave gets a note saying that CNN had called and said that they never talked with the White House about the clip. Dave is pissed off because he'd already accused the W.H. of lying, and now he looked like a fool, and he would probably be audited now.
But it doesn't end there. On last night's show, Dave says that CNN had reversed course and admitted that the White House really did call up and lie about the video was edited.
So is there anything at all that Bushco won't lie about?

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